Pink Lemonade 330ml

Pink Lemonade 330ml

Brewed with Nile Hibiscus flowers and infused with lemon peel and a touch of ashwagandha - gently long fermented to develop depth of flavour and low residual sugar. Enjoy as a cool refreshing drink or accompanied with a rich Sunday roast. The kombucha is unpasteurised and therefore you may see some of the cultures floating in the kombucha which is a normal part of the fermentation process.

  • Flavour Profile

    Cranberry sour with a hint of bitter lemon and ligering muscatel.

  • Ingredients

    Nile Hibiscus flowers, Kombucha Cultures, Sugar, Lemon peel, Ashwagandha.

  • Allergy Information

    This product contains trace amounts of alchohol and has been bottled in an environment that handles Soya, Wheat Gluten and Nuts.