Classic Green (330ml)

Classic Green (330ml)

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Original - kombucha brewed according to ancient tradition with no added fruits or herbs for flavouring.


We use only the best Japanese Sencha and Oolong green tea, organic sugar and add kombucha cultures to create this lovely beverage. Our Oolong tea is sourced from a small grower in Yunnan, China. The tea is hand picked and hand processed and imparts a very delicate soft smokiness to the kombucha.


The kombucha is unpasteurised and therefore you may see some of the cultures floating around in there. This is normal and can be consumed or filtered out.

  • Flavour Profile

    Light, naturally fruity with a hint of smokey zest and crisp apples.

  • Ingredients

    Japanese Sencha Tea, Oolong Tea, Kombucha Cultures, Sugar.

  • Allergy Information

    This product contains trace amounts of alchohol and has been bottled in an environment that handles Soya, Wheat Gluten and Nuts.