Ginger kombucha, green tea, fresh ginger


Living tea, expertly brewed to perfection.

Unpasteurised and full of goodness.

Our Kombuchas

We offer four flavours labelled 'Original' to denote that no other flavouring, fruit or spices have been added to the kombucha post fermentation. These are:

India Black - Brewed from an exquisite blend of second flush Darjeeling, first flush Assam and a peak of season Ceylon tea from India. This kombucha encompasses sweet floral notes of nectarines and lively summer apricots.

Classic Green - Brewed from a blend of Japanese Sencha and Oolong tea. Our Oolong tea is sourced from a small grower in Yunnan, China where it is picked and processed by hand. This imparts a soft smokiness to the zesty, crisp kombucha.

Ginkgo - Brewed from a blend of mostly Ginkgo Leaf and Ceylon tea. This kombucha has delicate notes of earthiness and dried apricots. It also has the added benefits associated with ginkgo which is said to improve memory.

Earl Grey Rooibos - Brewed from Rooibos tea infused with flowers and fruit peel. Rooibos imparts it's own distinct warm flavour and lingering bergamot citrus.


We offer two other flavours that have the addition of herbs or natural flavouring. These are:

Pink Lemonade with Ashwagandha - Brewed from amazing Nile Hibiscus flower tea which also gives this kombucha a beautiful vibrant colour. Added are lemon peel and ashwagandha and altogether it encompasses notes of honey, bitter lemon and soft lingering muscatel.

Ginger - Fresh ginger juice is added to our Classic Green kombucha giving a warmth to this zesty, crisp kombucha.

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Why choose Kombucha Shack?

We small batch brew our kombucha, which means we can easily control everything better and bring you a real hand crafted experience. We don't pasteurise our kombucha and we ensure that each bottle is packed with all the benefits that kombucha has to offer.  

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